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  1. MY Sister and best friend were just both diagnosed with returning Breast Cancer. Both are determined not to go the death route of chemo again. They know that changing their eating plays a large role in the healing process, but none of us were clear on what to eat, how much , often etc.
    We just didn’t know where to start and the internet is drowning with all kinds of information. I prayed to find a reliable source in order to direct my sister and friend and then I stumbled into this site. Tired of reading so much info, I clicked on the video link just to hear what “this doctor” will say. In tears, I listened as the the words were like soft true music. I knew instantly that he was speaking truth and was not feeding me some gimic. The fact that he freely gives out this vital information on this site and is not advertising all sorts of vitamines and miracle gimiky treatments, is a huge convincer to me. After clicking on every link to every point, I knew this approach to ridding my sister and my friend of this awful invader would be the best alternative. I cannot wait until my sister comes over this evening so that I can share this wonderful hopeful, helpful, cure info
    with her.
    Thanks for being the “teacher” and guiding light to the correct road to walk for restoring their health.

  2. Hi Dr. Lodi,
    After watching most of your videos, particulary the one about Life’s energy, I realised everything I started reading since August 7th (day we found out the cancer diagnosis) made sense (pH theory, cesium chloride theraphy, Gerson type of eating and juicing, electric microcurents in body, kirilian photography, all corelated with my yoga and martial arts teachings) so I am wondering is it effective to administer first the insulin and then INSTEAD of small dose chemo drugs could you inject vitamin C ? I am asking in particular for Diana’s stage IV breast cancer with bone methastasis, could it work ? Thank you in advance for your reply, Cristian

    1. Sure…you can administer insulin before IV vitamin C but you must have the plasma levels of vitamin C measured to be sure that they are therapeutic and the insulin will increase its’ uptake…but with advanced stage cancer, one should be very aggressive, in a safe, non-toxic manner, of course.

      I would recommend IPT and our whole program, especially for advanced stages. If, however, you want to try to be as natural as possible, the MOST natural course would be to go to a place where it is very peaceful and you have plenty of books about fasting (I would provide you with titles to order) and fast on WATER ONLY for 42 days. This should be monitored by a physician. Most people are not ready for that so the next, most natural way would be to ONLY drink green vegetable juices (recipes would be provided) for 60 to 90 days, during which there is no solid food intake. In both of these scenarios, one should have colonics 3 times per week (1st week), 2 times per week (2nd week) and then one time per week, thereafter.

      Another approach is to do the 60 day juice fast and vitamin C IV along with our entire program of oxidative therapies, detoxification procedures and life style, which is the minimum I would recommend considering the stage.

      As a physician, I cannot recommend that you ONLY do fasting but what I would recommend is that you call me and we can discuss your situation, personally.

  3. I have been drinking 9.5 ph water for the last 3 years. This from The Kangen Machine. I am told it will help to alkalize our acidic bodies and that it is very good for me. Yet on your video-“Healing Cancer with Life’s Energy”, you answer a question from the audience in which you state that drinking 9.5 water is “pointless.A lot of this stuff is gimmicks…”. I am confused about this. Most of the doctors in Japan are behind the drinking of 9.5 water-even recommending their hospital patients
    drink it. Are they ALL wrong? Please explain.I really don’t know who to believe anymore.

  4. Good Morning Dr. Lodi: I watched the video Healing Cancer With Life’s Energy. I was unable to obtain a proper readying from my voltage meter. I have a friend of my a electronic & eletctrical specialists he had the same problem.I trying to get a reading it will start at – 40.00 mv
    and slowly moves to 0.00 and starting going into positive or it will start in the postive and move to the negative. What are we going wrong. the video is very informative. thanks.

    Larry Signarowski – Brooks, alberta – canada

  5. Please help me! I was taken by ambulance to the University of Iowa hospital last Friday, due to extreme vomiting and swelling in my abdoman. I had thought I was dealing with a chronic relapse of lupus the last few months and had been on Predisone. But this last Friday, the symptoms were so accute, I had to call 911 and ask for an ambulance. I was taken to the local hospital, near Fairfield, Iowa. They did a CAT scan which revealed cancer throughout all of my female organs, a malignanct tumor on my right overy the size of a large orange. The scan also revealed cancer within the omentum and that the cancer from this had begun to grow into the transverse colon. The ambulance took me to the university hospital in Iowa City (where I have Iowa Care) to do further testing. My blood hemoglobin dropped so low, they had to administer two units of blood, potassium, etc. I was in the hospital from last Friday to this past Monday night. They released me with a surgery date of Feb. I went into radiology, where they took samples just under the skin in my lower abdoman to be tested, revealing cancer cells. Lots of them. Then the radiologist sucked out some of the fluid from within the peridium cavity. She asked me if I wanted to see it in the tube. I said yes. Instead of a nice, golden amber color, it was thick with very dark, red, black substance. They scheduled surgery for this next Feb. 14th where they will remove all of my female organs, the omentum, the cancer that began to infiltrate the transverse colon, my bladder (if it has cancer in it) and any other organ that has cancer. Will you help me, please? The doctor admitted he does not know where the source of the cancer originated. After a few weeks, if I survive this surgery, they want to put me on a regimine of chemo. Here is what I have learned about chemo: it does not kill off the cancer cell. It kills the remaining healthy cells. The only thing that kills a cancer cell is oxygen through th mitochondria. DCA? Also, the only way for the system to fully accept, assimilate and the best way for the cells to absorb crystal C is though I.V., into the fat cells. I started drinking crystal C with some ghee and raw honey in it last week, before going to the hospital, based on a local nurse’s suggestion, when we both thought I was just dealing with lupus. At this stage, I am DESPERATE. I do not want to undergo this surgery! I want to heal my body. Please, will you help me? I only have Iowa Care insurance, have no money saved, do not have a credit card to pay for your services, I have not been able to work due to symptoms of inflammation and vomiting. Do you offer scholarship money to people like me? I will stay and and work off all costs, if you will please consider taking me at the Oasis. Mary J Warring my email: my cell phone: 917-280-3971. Thank you.

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