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  1. Hi DR. Lodi, I live in a small town where the population is adout three hundred people, and where everybody runs your business whether you want them to or not therefore I am searching for some natural remedies to cure a few diseases or sickness that is in the community, they are as follows: colon cancer tumors, and copd. there are probably more. Oh, gout also. Can you help me find the right sources or medication that is of natural orgin to get this done even at the worst cases. We can’t come to your office for treatment and I would like to know the next best thing to do please give me a call or tell me when and how to get in contact with you. Thank YOU Kindly

    1. The most natural treatment and by far the most effective and least expensive is fasting on water only. This needs to be supervised by a physician but other than that there are no costs associated with it and it allows ones’ body to heal as it was designed to do. The only problem with it is that most people are not ready to do it and know very little, if anything about it.

      It is the prescription given to all creatures by God through instinct and the reason it seems so foreign to humans is that we lost our instincts early in life at which time they were replaced by culture.

      I would be happy to send you a list of books which would allow you to understand fasting and you could decide if you wanted to use this modality of healing for yourself or others.

      Most people are looking for cures and believe in diseases so that fasting seems incredibly random and therefore most are afraid to even consider it.

      Let me know if you are interested in learning more about it.

  2. Hello sir,
    i am medical student and my mother is having squamous cell carcinoma in tongue which is in between 2nd and 3rd stage.we dnt want to go for sugary .i request you to suggest some natural treatment please soon as posible

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